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Monday, December 20, 2010

nEw day? {ihope}

i dne ben through alot through my lyfe met ppl i wish i neva came in contact to and met ppl i wish i met a lng time ago because im so happi to kno them...bt ethier way the ppl in my lyfe the ones i hate no wait hate is a strong word the one that i dislike and the ones i luv very much and want to keep n my lyfe for ever.....they all made me in to the beautiful young girl lady here to day and the all made me a better person becuz i learnd frm my mistakes and bad decisions i made with these ppl....i just sayn to day is a new day and the ppl that has any part of my life has in some weird way inspired or helpd me move on to a new day lol and i <3 all you guys/ gals very much........:)

thanks =]

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