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Monday, December 20, 2010

is it luv..or it a crush? THIS IS kiNDA OLD

any bodi readn dis i want u to answer this question! is it luv or is a crush? listen!!....it was tha year 2006 tha day afta labor day 1st day of middle skool..! i was tha newest of new and didnt kn0 any1 iwas lyke tha 3rd person n clas.den u walk n lyke 4ppl lata and i saw yo chuncky smal face...it was so adorible didnt kn0 any thing bout u bt i knew iwas commited to hav u for maself MAYBE..! BT LYKE ANY OTHA STRY...a gurl has a crush bt tha boi neva notices her..til a lata point..! and dat wat hapnd to me he neva knew me..neva tlkd to me bt flirt wit me on occaions n 6th grade...bt he had gfs and neva noticed me..! bt did i stp lyke him AH.NO!..kept tryn 7th grade came and we strtd to tlk alittle bit mo esply @tha end of tha year this was ma 2nd year lykn him he stil had otha gfs bt flirtd wit me wen he got tha chance.&here it is 8th grade n NOV.! WE became bff tlkd bout any and EVERYTHANG..[nd stil dnt kn0 how we eva got to that point]...and we trurt ea. otha i tld him how i felt..that "i luv him"!!..tbc TO BE CONTINUED.....


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