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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Drake...is my best friend

so in the near futrue i plan to meet Aubrey Drake Graham AND wen i do i willl become his fav and then his bestfriend AND that s it i wish i could marry him but its a 8yr, age diffrence and i think thats alittle to old for me so i will go as far a making him my bestfriend...=] im excited cause i think this will really happen in real live i have it all  plan out but im not gonna post cause someone might steal my plan and use it for there own good

just note i will meet him in a plublic placee and might give him the stalker vibe wen we first meet but i always give off that vibe to ppl cause i remember every thing ppl tell even went they for get they told so then they thing they never told me that and think i researched about them and stalked them to death but who cares lol now imma stop rambling on  and on about my stalking issue that i dont have just what ppl and 

tel you that startin in 2013 im startin quest to become Drakes bestfriend.!!!

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